Thursday, October 28, 2010

a new place

So. We live in Virginia. The northern part very close to D.C. And we have for about a month now.

Josh has taken a preaching minister position here, which is what brought us to the area. The church is loving, friendly, quirky, colorful, creative, transient, diverse, fun, active, and just pretty great all around. We have felt welcomed and made it feel at home.

So you know that feeling on vacation where you like being somewhere but you are also ready to get back to your normal life? That's kinda where I am. Because although I was thrilled with our offer to come here and am having a great time, the Memphis life was known. This is unknown. Becoming more "known" of course every day, but still -- I don't know how to work this thermostat in my house, I don't know what the trash people will take if I set it out, I don't know where the post office is (just found it today), I don't know where they keep frozen chicken in our new grocery (still don't) and I don't know the alarm code for the church building of which I am now a key owner (set it off this week).

At Sophie's school, I am still kind of unclear on the protocol. Juice box or water, hot dogs allowed?, can I come in and say goodbye or am I supposed to do that in the hallway. Today was a Halloween event and I was just trying to follow the other parents and see what they did. Felt like the new kid.

I also have a new job. I work for a tutoring services company . (No, I am not bright enough to be a tutor.) Like it. Still new though and I hate having to ask questions all the time. It makes me grumpy to not know the answers. Old job, I knew the answers; in fact my former co-workers still call me to ask me things about my computer or how to get the printer to work. Ten years into a job you aren't really asking other people questions about how to do it, you know?

But, it is humbling and stretching and all of that, which I am sure God thinks is a good idea for me. I do too in theory. :) It has certainly been fun to explore and find new parks and to ride the Metro and to eat at really great restaurants and meet people from literally all over the world. We have found places to jump in and serve in our church community and already I can see that God is going to use us here. Our little family has really bonded as we've tried out the new.

Hopefully we will make it to a tourist attraction before it gets too cold! So far we have been to the city twice but haven't hit any of the big ones. Where to start is the question?

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