Saturday, April 03, 2010

The first time we saw her picture

On April 5, 2007 we received a call from CHSFS (our agency) saying we had a referral. This is basically a "match". They said to get on our email and so we did, at the same time, from our offices. It said:

Hello Josh and Brooke,
Here is the referral information for Yenenesh! I've included her complete referral as well as the referral acceptance paperwork if you decide to accept the referral. I've attached both the word document and PDF formats in case you have trouble opening them. Thank you and congratulations!!

And this picture:

Three years later:

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Leslie @ sharpstickintheeye said...

three years! it has flown (for me at least)...can't believe it.

we are all blessed with your faithfulness.