Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Being an idiot and being a parent

Sometimes I act like an idiot. I forget that my kid is just a person and any person can, make that WILL, mess up, especially when she has gone through an excessively crazy weekend.

Let me back up. Early in the wee hours of Sunday morning, I realized I was sick. Yucky, nasty, gross, sick with a stomach bug of some sort. It was a morning that Josh happened to be preaching, which usually means I am on my own for getting Sophie and myself ready and to service. He has to review his notes and get there early. Except this time I was no help at all, I was behind closed doors. So she was whisked off to Mimi's house to get ready and away from Germy Mommy and Josh did his best to assist me. It was once of those really embarrassing, living-out-your-vows, kind of moments, if you get my drift. He was great. Once I was back in the bed, he was off to preach twice (our church has two services), and then back to check on me as soon as it was over. Sophie, meanwhile, spent Sunday with one grandma and Monday with the other grandma and grandpa. I didn't even want her in the house during my sick. Just in case. So while she had a great time being shuffled around, it was a crazy weekend.

Today we were all back at home and so I was taking her to preschool this morning. She was grumpy and tired, and when I came to get her this afternoon, she did NOT get her sticker. (This translates, Sophie had a bad enough day that we take away basically the only incentive we are allowed to use here.) I was frustrated with her. I mean, come on, kid. You know the rules, you know the drill, what are you thinking, we will have to figure out your consequences at home...blah, blah...what do I have to do to be the perfect parent in this situation.

But then I started thinking about how I felt this morning, and though she was not ever sick, she was probably about as energetic today as I was. And perhaps grace would best be applied here. So, we talked about today. She told me she didn't obey. (She is always very honest in admitting mistakes.) I told her that if she could try hard to obey for the next two hours, we would have a special surprise. Daddy was out of town today, so it would be a mom-daughter only night.

So, back to my post title, I spent the rest of the night basically being an idiot, except the good kind, just doing three-year-old stuff. We read Not Norman, a current fave book, watched Princess and the Frog (just came out today, that was the biggest surprise), made grilled cheeses together for supper, she made us pretend brownies for dessert, she took a long bath, and for the grand finale, I rocked my baby girl who doesn't quite fit on my shoulder anymore while I sang whatever song she requested at the top of my lungs, including the ones I have made up myself over the last three years and that she loves.

I love being that kind of idiot parent.