Sunday, October 04, 2009

Announcing Sadie Belle

As my terrible blogginess would have it, I have not posted pictures of my new little niece. She was born on August 18 just before midnight. We got to be there for her arrival (not the actual arrival, mind you, just in the waiting room).

Since I'm the big sister by five years, this was the first time I could remember Emily going through a big life thing before I have. I have never been pregnant and I have never had a newborn! It was really fun to learn and watch my little sister as she dealt with contractions and was calm as a cucumber and now as she mothers her new baby. She is doing an amazing job and it is coming quite naturally! We are so happy for Emily and Jarrod and baby Sadie Belle.

Here's some pics of her and us during the first few days of Sadie's life: (They live on a farm, hence all the farm pics)