Thursday, January 22, 2009

Parents Night Out

I am seeking ideas for a Parents Night Out I am trying to plan at our church for the young families in our church and for the community . The teens will donate their time and we will charge x number of dollars per child, the money will go to the ministry. Does anyone have that kind of thing at their church/community? Tell me some things you liked and didn't like if so, and how much your group charged per child.

Sophie's training is going really well! I never thought I would say the words poop and teetee as often as I say them. :) I think I have laughed more the last two weeks maybe than any time in her life so far. She gets so excited and proud!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A new year and a new project

I was reading in bed the other night and just busted out laughing. I could not believe I was actually reading a book called:

Sophie has decided she wants to do it! So here we go, right? Maybe I should done a little more research earlier... because now I am scrambling trying to figure out how to potty train while being a working mom. I thought I'd use my blog and my amazing friends who peruse it to give me some tips.

If you were working, did you take a week and a half off of work to potty train?
If your child is in some kind of child care, do you pretty much have to adopt their system so the child is not confused?
How did you adjust the schedule on days you are at home?
Pullups or not?
Did you find that candy or sticker charts worked better?

Sorry but I am definitely a Dummy in this department.