Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Last Year

I have been trying to organize our photos lately, and also got a new phone last week that had some old pictures on it, so I came across some pictures from last fall. One thing really got to me while doing this. Last year I had a baby. This year I have a little girl.

I love this one with her sleeping. She was really sick during the month of October last year- respiratory virus followed by the stomach flu - and she had to spend several nights sleeping in a car seat so that she could breathe. This was actually on Halloween night... I don't remember if she was actually sick that night or not.

These family pictures just reminds me that I have a super great sport for a husband. Last year we went to the church Trunk or Treat and decided to dress up as a family... about half an hour before the event. Sophie was set to be a giraffe and I had the stuff in my closet to be a safari woman. Josh wanted to be a lion or some other wild animal. We tried to buy one at Target but to no avail... but we did find this weird Burger King Man costume (why this was ever manufactured I have no idea) and tried to turn him into the king of the Jungle using bits of the Burger King cape and crown... it was a sad attempt, but he wore it the whole night. He even had to wear tights. :) This year he was out of the country during the event so we just did the Sophie dressup thing.

Will post pics of this Halloween soon. They are sure cute! AND my yearly photo of my neighbors' Halloween extravaganza will likely appear. I know you're all on pins and needles.

EDIT: Just because I want you to get a mental image of this Burger King nonsense click here. Why would someone ever want to be this?

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Disney Effect and Other Musings

I went to see HSM3 last weekend.
What you don't know what that is?
Well, GET WITH IT! High School Musical 3!

I work with teens so I admit I am around pop culture more than some of my friends. I am curious if any of you are going to that movie.. I know a lot of us are planning to go to the Twilight movie but that's another subject entirely. (So many moms are reading it now! I got into it from my sister in law who is cool and young.)

I was with my Huddle Group from church - 7 12th grade girls and my co-leader - and we were so enthused about going to the movie that we got our tickets online and got to the theater almost an hour early to avoid the crowds. ANYWAY, this movie is cheesy, cheesy, cheesy, but I found myself smiling throughout and occasionally clapping! (There actually weren't any crowds, at least at the theater we went to.) The songs and dancing were awesome! The acting is definitely not Oscar material, but you get engrossed in the lives of these kids. I started thinking about my senior year and, oh, the trauma of where to go to college and of who you are going to be in life. I actually moved to a new city a few days before my senior year in high school, so I have other semi-traumatic experiences connected with senior year.
Rambling now...

Ok, my point! Is that on the way home, I actually started thinking about taking dance classes so I could dance like them. It would be good exercise, I thought. If those kids can do it, I can do it!
A few seconds, er, uh, minutes later I realized that Disney had gotten to me. To get someone as uncoordinated as me to think that was a good idea.

Wow. They are some powerful people over there at Disney.

In other Disney news, there is an African princess movie coming out soon! I am so excited for young girls of color to have a princess who looks more like them than the Snow White/Sleeping Beauty ones.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkins and Mustaches and ET News

Seems like every family visits a pumpkin patch and blogs about it. So here's ours.
And a funny one at the end.

A Bit About Ethiopia

I admit I am not that experienced or well versed in world affairs. But now that our family is connected to a nation halfway across the world and you start to pay a little attention. So I will pass on a little of that to you. If you are into world affairs, you may already know that there is a famine going on in Ethiopia. Growing up in the 80s, with pictures on TV of children starving and sick from Ethiopia and other African nations, I am saddened that things are that bad once again. So in the interest of informing you my readers, here are some things for you to check out.

A very heartwrenching photo report was in a recent TIME magazine. Click here if you want to view it - but be warned this is very graphic.

On the positive side, I was very excited to get an update on the child we sponsor at AHOPE! He is doing great! If you don't know about AHOPE, take a minute to click on this link and consider sponsoring or adopting one of these children who are HIV+. 

Also, this week we got some information on the new efforts being led by CHSFS (our adoption agency) in Ethiopia. Click here for more info on a Mother and Child Wellness Center, a new School, and a Family Development program. 

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sophie has an accent

Now that Sophie is talking a lot, we have noticed an accent developing. My husband is from the Midwest, and admittedly I am the southern one in our family, but I do NOT say "Nashville" like that. :) Do I?

Excuse the adjustment of her ever-moving headband and the fact that she is putting a paper clip in her mouth at this end of this video. Don't worry I did remove it from her mouth immediately.

Even more hilarious... the reason she said "papa" after we talk about "need help", is because she has a tshirt with the words "That's it! I'm calling Papa!" that we had just been discussing.