Saturday, September 27, 2008


I don't know about you, but to be perfectly honest...if I had unlimited funds, I would really like to NOT buy any more generics. Snobby, I know. But that's not real life. So I, like many of you who are budget-conscious, do purchase the generic/store brands from time to time. Especially Target brand - really the best of the store brands, I think... but anyway.

I got to thinking about this because when my family went grocery shopping together, armed with our Dave Ramsey envelope system (cash only!), we would discuss which items we could handle the generic version of, and which ones were just terrible, and which ones were great.

At this point, I was surprised to learn a completely new fact about my husband.

He CHOSE to get generic cereal.
And I am talking about the kind that is in BAGS.
Like this:

Seriously, I said, really, you will eat this? He said yes, so we got it, and he eats it and he likes it.

I applaud him for it, and so would Dave Ramsey.

(I still want my name brand Golden Grahams, please!!!)

Other things I have had a bad experience with in the generic realm:
"Ritz" crackers (weird taste)
Diapers (too hard!)
Baby Wipes (little balls of white fabric coming off when you wipe)
Garbage bags (breaking)
Salad Dressings (not good)
Some cleaners
Plastic wrap
Makeup (maybe not generic just that cheap brand that is at the end of the aisle in Rite Aid)
Ice Cream
Soft drinks (except Dr Thunder Sam's Club, I like that one.)

Things I usually get the generic of:
Shredded cheese
Hand soap
Baby wash/soap
Brownie mix
Random ingredients that are going in a recipe for a casserole or cake or something
Mac and Cheese (I know this one is weird)
Saline solution

What are some things you like to buy generic and prefer never to buy generic?

I'll put a couple of Sophie pics on here too, since I haven't posted in forever! These are from when a familar character came to visit her school!