Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Spring is definitely gone...

Because I have no time to write on this blog anymore! I work in youth ministry, which for those who don't know, is busiest in the summertime when kids are out of school. The months of June and July are packed solid with all kinds of fun activities/camps/trips/etc. as well as all the preparations for each one. It is a really fun time. This is my first year to do this as a mom because last year I was on maternity leave all summer!

Here are some pictures from a few recent events, Sophie's preschool program and our trip to Jamaica.

We are now at a year of having Sophie in our lives! More about that in my next post.

Sophie and Dad relaxing on the floor

Me with Sophie before I cut my too long hair

At Sophie's preschool end of the year program - sad at the beginning

She basically stood in the middle and threw a ball and waved at the audience(what do you expect from a bunch of babies?:)

Happy while walking out!

The "finale"

Back home afterward

Josh and I went to Jamaica for a little getaway - here's the beach! (definitely no pictures of us in swimsuits will be posted here, actually none were taken!)