Sunday, April 20, 2008

Random Words

This may be one of those things only our family wants to make time to watch:)

Friday, April 11, 2008


It struck me today that Sophie looked so big in this outfit (Thanks consignor A1!), like she was about to go to kindergarten.

She had to go to my office with me today and she was (obviously) really bored. Now she's wailing.

Told you she didn't always have that big smile on... :)

Idol Praises

This is pretty good.

Can you believe MICHAEL JOHNS??? What is America thinking.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Not to make light of my previous post today but

if you are looking for me this week, I am quite busy as a juror in the Shelby County Courthouse. I can't believe I was picked, but hey, somebody (or 12 somebodies) had to be. Very interesting experience so far.

One thing they stressed at orientation this week was something like this:
if you are annoyed and think you have a real hardship because you have to be here for a week[at jury duty], we suggest you stop and think about the men and women who are risking their lives every day for our country to protect the rights we enjoy, i.e. the right to a fair trial and a jury of our peers.

Put the annoyance in perspective, that's for sure.

The biggest annoyance will probably be to my coworkers who will have to do parts of my job while I am gone.

I was disappointed to hear that the judge doesn't want us to watch tv shows that pertain to law/criminals/etc. etc. or to read books of that subject. Of course, I had been reading "6th Chance" by James Patterson, and was in the final leg, up until I was called up there. So the conclusion of that story will have to wait while I listen to another one.

One year ago...

Friday April 5, 2007 was a big day for us! We first saw the picture of our new daughter! Here's what I wrote after that day.

It is amazing that a whole year has passed! We printed this picture out a thousand times on 8 x 10 and posted them in our offices, house, her new room, family's houses, etc. Josh and I taped one on the wall to consider what we would name her. Once we saw her, we didn't like our options for girls that we had thought of so far.. we had mainly been brainstorming boy names because we had been told statistically we would like be referred a boy! We loved her first name Yenenesh, and kept it as her middle name. I would be fine if she wants to use that name when she gets older, if she prefers.

We have this picture on our fridge now, and Sophie loves to look at it. I'll say... Where's Baby Sophie? And she points to it. :) Someday this picture will be in every momentous graduation or wedding!?! slide show of her life! I am sure she will think of even better captions for what she was thinking that we made up at the time! (Lots of things like "THE RAYS! NOT THE RAYS!")
We are so thankful.