Monday, October 29, 2007

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What do you say to this?

Yesterday in Target while walking down the diaper aisle with my daughter, a Caucasian middle aged lady approached me and said, "Did you adopt him?" very bluntly and abruptly. I just said "uh-huh, it's a girl" but kept moving.

She came over to the cart and touched Sophie's toes, and said, "It is so great that you did that. It is so hard to get families to adopt kids like these."

My thought was, Kids like WHAT??!!!!???!! I was so dumbfounded and did not respond well. I think I just said, "What?" and she repeated some part of her first statement. I began to walk off more quickly and just muttered something about how I am the lucky one and my daughter is not a charity case.

I cannot think this comment was anything but racially ignorant. This is the first time anyone has said anything like this to me. It really got me thinking about how to respond to people in the future when I come across them. I probably couldn't have changed this lady's attitude with anything I might have said, but Sophie would have heard it. I have to learn to say something back that, especially when she is older, Sophie will know that I will not tolerate comments such as this directed toward her or our family. On the other hand, I don't want Sophie to watch me overreact and blow up, but rather to respond in a way that is godly and represents who we are. I have been thinking today, sadly, what if Sophie was just a little bit older and could understand that statement? Would she be asking why its "hard to get families to adopt kids" like her?

Still almost 24 hours later I don't know what I would have said. What do you say to such outright rudeness? Adoptive parents especially, please share some wisdom here.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Twice Tagged

I have been putting off posting because I have a lot to respond to. Two friends tagged me at the same time with different tagging lists. So this will be in response to two friends: Kellie (an "online" friend who I have become acquainted with through Ethiopian adoption) and to Larissa (an in person friend who used to live just a couple of streets away but now resides in Texas).


Kellie, here you go!

Jobs I've held:

1. Party Hostess at a local kids entertainment place

2. Hostess at a Spa/Salon

3. Macy's and Dillards clothing specialist

4. Waitress at a Country Club (ok,actually I only lasted like a month on this one)

Places I've lived:

1. Dallas, TX

2. Searcy, AR

3. Tuscaloosa, AL

4. Memphis, TN

Foods I love:

1. good chicken salad

2. Blue Bell Ice Cream

3. Tomato Soup (from either Davis Kidd or La Baguette, please)

4. Italian pretty much anything

Places I would rather be: (so cliche I know)
1. Beach in Mexico

2. Beach in Florida

3. On a cruise in the Caribbean heading to a beach

4. In Florence, Italy

Movies I love:

1. Notting Hill

2. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

3. Felicity DVD series

4. Sweet Home Alabama

TV shows I watch:

1. Lost

2. Chuck

3. Bones

4. Take Home Chef (I really hope to run into him someday in my local Fresh Market)

Larissa, here's yours:

Eight random facts/habits about myself:

1. I like small versions of things. Like yesterday, I saw that they are now engineering smaller 1/2 size bananas for kids lunches. Genius! Another reason I LOVE baby clothes and shoes. And mini Pilot G2 pens. (that's for Jesse)

2. I enjoy doing impressions, not of famous people, more of people that I am around a lot. I am not that good at some, but there are a few I think I do pretty well. I used to do a mean Leslie, but its been awhile since I've performed it. My impressions are all in love not in mocking.

3. I am a piler. Pile-r. When straightening up my house or my desk, I tend to just create more piles. I try to clean things out once in a while but I have to go through my piles to do this.

4. I have very hard gross feet. I think this comes from years of not wearing shoes. I loved being barefoot as a kid. And I cannot swing a weekly pedicure, so Josh has to endure my scratchy feet. He does not like when they accidentally brush up against him in the bed.

5. I like to read. I like to read James Patterson novels, especially for fun. I read a lot of adoption literature. I am currently reading I'm Chocolate, You're Vanilla:Raising Healthy Black and Biracial Children in a Race-Conscious World: A Guide for Parents and Teachers.

6. Growing up I wanted to be an optometrist. I have had glasses since I was a kid and so I loved how the doctor said, "which one is better: one or two?" and flipped down the different lenses. I think I will have to let go of this dream at this point.

7. My Myers Briggs: ESFJ.

8. I am so in love with being a mother. I didn't know what it could feel like for a small person to reach for you and want you only. I cannot believe how lucky I am.

So much more than you ever wanted to know about me, I know. Here are a couple of Sophie pics of late.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sophie's latest adventures

Daddy and Sophie on the front porch

Toothy Grin (She has five now with another threatening to poke out) while playing with her favorite new toy... the door stop

with Uncle Jon

with friend Shannon

reading in the rocking chair

Another bath shot (she is getting really good at posing while in the this might be a bad idea)

Monday, October 08, 2007


If you don't know what a PowWow is, you haven't been in the Highland Youth Group. A PowWow is when you go around in the circle and every person shares a "Pow" (a negative, or not-so-good thing) about his or her week, and then shares a "Wow" (a positive, or better than last week thing). Sometimes used by youth ministers when a real lesson has not been prepared. I.e. my lesson in the 12 graders class on Sunday morning. But wait, I have an actual reason. I'll formulate my reasons in the PowWow format for demonstration's sake.


  1. This past week on Tuesday morning, I had a 12yr molar removed from the very back of my mouth. This tooth had been bothering me for years and finally it was time to get said tooth out of there. While this process was supposed to be a simple one, just a day off from work and a few pain pills, it escalated into quite the big deal. I was in so much pain by Thursday I had to go back and tell them to do SOMETHING to make it feel better. I have dry sockets, the dentist said. If you have ever had dry sockets (usually happen when one gets wisdom teeth out), you know that the pain that tiny little hole causes is amazing. I cannot tell you how bad it hurt. I sat on my couch for a whole day and didn't move and it still hurt the entire time! So a lot of last week was taken up with that ordeal.

  2. The Cubs lost to the Diamondbacks in the NLDS playoffs this weekend. It was a very sad day in the Ray household (especially for Josh, my husband, who is a diehard lifelong fan).


  1. Finally after a few more trips to the dentist and a prescription for stronger pain killers, I started feeling better. Friday night we had plans to see some friends who were in town, and I took two of those new pain pills before we left to make sure I'd feel ok... Oops, it turns out I felt a little bit, how should I say, loopy that entire night. But the tooth sure felt better! And it is on the road to full recovery.

  2. Fewer nights lost to watching baseball games now, since we will not be watching anymore teams in the playoffs. And just in time for our favorite fall shows.

  3. It's actually supposed to get cooler this week! YEA, fall!

  4. My kid is still awesome and hilarious! Every week on Sunday during church I get so overwhelmed with emotion for some reason . I think it is a mixture of gratitude to God for such a precious gift and a feeling of being overwhelmed at the idea of raising her. What a blessing she is.

What is your PowWow?