Friday, September 28, 2007

getting off the baby weight

Something really annoying that has happened to me is that even though I did not carry a baby inside of me, somehow I have still ended up carrying a little extra flab since Sophie arrived home. What is the deal with that? The reason, of course I know, is that I have continued to eat my normal ways (love ice cream, love chocolate, love Cinnamon Melts from McDonald's, which by the way you should try if you haven't), but have discontinued any aerobic activity at all. By this, I mean I have not even been to our gym since June 16. I just haven't wanted to leave Sophie anymore than I already have to for work. A few walks here and there with Sophie have happened, but it is just now getting cool enough to make me want to go outside. I feel out of shape and it stinks.

SO, which is it going to be: diet or exercise? (I KNOW, both is the answer) And what kind of plan?

I am considering going to the Spinning classes at our gym at 6 am on Mondays and Wednesdays. This will require a lot of discipline however. I have also thought about trying to get into jogging, and perhaps run a race... not a half or whole marathon I don't think, but something... Or I could join Weight Watchers again...

I will confess here that I am notoriously bad at being disciplined about anything. This is a major frustration I have about myself. Whether it's eating, running, talking, reading, or studying, I have a hard time making a goal and a plan and sticking to it. So since I know this, I feel sometimes discouraged before I even start a new plan because I don't want to fail.

Anyone else feeling me? Ideas?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Trip to the Zoo

We had a great weekend in Memphis. Fall is finally starting (which means we only have temperatures in the low 90's instead of the 100's) and it was just beautiful out. We took the opportunity to go to the zoo. This trip, while fun, was of course mostly for us, because it's a really fun activity to take your kid to the zoo for the first time. She could have cared less for most of the animals. She really liked the waterfalls and fountains in the animals' areas though. :) And she liked the animals we could really up close. I wanted her to like the giraffes because she is going to be a giraffe for Halloween. It was fun seeing our friends Josh and Joni and Lilly, though.

I am obsessed with tiny things, as my friends probably know, and so the baby monkey was the cutest thing I have ever seen. The mom and dad passed the baby back and forth, and then the dad (I think) turned his back to us and held the baby away like he didn't want us gawking at his baby. I loved it. I also love Sophie's tiny clothes, like these adorable little jeans. :)Weird I know.

Hope all had a good weekend, too.

Sophie's First Pair of Jeans

At the Memphis Zoo entrance

Sophie is really really interested in the rhinos (at least Lilly is looking at them)

This is a unique monkey with its tiny little baby (they start out orange and their hair gets darker) - I was obsessed with this tiny baby

Joshes and Girls

Family in front of the black bears

Crawling at the speed of light

Thursday, September 13, 2007

New stuff

... my crawler has become a climber/pullerupper/wrestler. She is everywhere. Today I had her picture made at Penney's (great job they do by the way)and she kept crawling off the platform or chair or whatever they had her on. Major changes headed our way, everyone kept telling me. They were right.

...Thursday was Sophie's 9 month "birthday". We went to see Dr. B today and he gave her a clean bill of health and the open invitation to real table food. So many changes and so quickly...

...last weekend Sophie and I traveled to Tuscaloosa to visit TDavis. Cute pics of that to follow.

...we went to court to "readopt" Sophie. This is really just a formality but it is important in getting her a birth certificate and then a SSN, passport, etc. in the future. Also her name is now official: Sophia Yenenesh Ray.

... we had the Baby Dedication at church Sunday. Josh had to be at drill for the Navy Reserve and I almost slept in too late to get there. Luckily sans bath, we made it there.

In Tuscaloosa:

Sophie and Lauren BFFs

All the kids (not much better that TDavis's)

All the moms and kids

Outside the courthouse

Eating table foods (macaroni)

Aunt Em and Sophie (I am getting obsessed with the Zatano clothes! Consignment sale baby!)

Baby Dedication receiving her Bible (and looking like we just woke up because we did)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My daughter is a morning person

Josh and I have a system. In the mornings, we don't talk much. Just the basics, "are you taking a shower first?" or "what time will you be home tonight?" and I, not Josh, mostly say those things. We just want to get ready and get out the door. We're not really grouchy, but we're not really friendly either.

Our new addition has changed that. Some days, like today, when it is gray outside and I have a sinus headache, I am slightly annoyed at how cheery and excited Sophie is when she wakes up. She is so happy. It is like she cannot believe how lucky she is to get to wake up and play AGAIN today. After a minute of being annoyed and wishing she was a little less squeal-y first thing in the morning, I melt and I laugh and I decide to tickle her and play with her. Her attitude is contagious.

I don't know if she'll always be a morning person, but I hope her optimism and zeal for life continues. It inspires me to remember to be thankful for another day, just a regular day, that we get to be alive.

P.S. Yes, she is crawling!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sophie's First Day of "School"

Here's Sophie when I handed her off to Miss Linda today at Mother's Day Out. She was very happy playing when I left. The room was very very clean and nice. There are only two babies in the MDO on Tuesdays, with two ladies. On Mondays and Wednesdays there will be more babies. So it was a good first day (so far)!