Monday, February 19, 2007

A room begins

Well, today we spent the weekend getting the baby's room started. We were somewhat prompted by the fact that it seems we are getting closer to the point of referral (us being matched with a child). We are able to view a list of families as they wait to be referred, and we are currently number 15. We began in November at number 46. The families are referred generally in order, but not necessarily. This past week several were referred that were actually close to us (in the teens), SO that definitely got me thinking I needed to get in gear. This does not mean we will get the call this week or anything, but it will likely be in the next month or two. Then we'll travel a 6-12 weeks later (hopefully more like 6!) to pick up our baby at the Care Center.

Here is the picture of the crib that Josh assembled this weekend. No mattress yet, so it looks really empty. Good job Josh! I am so glad he is good at putting things together.
I have been wanting to post a few links to blogs that I enjoy reading of others who are adopting/have adopted from Ethiopia. I thought some of you might like to see the beautiful children. See the sidebar for a few of these new links.
As I become more and more informed about Ethiopia, I find there are things I want to share with the people who happen upon my blog. I will begin putting one or two interesting links in each of posts about our adoption for sites like these:
There is a very unique blog that is basically about travel in Ethiopia. Click on the following for pictures and information about our agency's care centers there. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the center in Addis Adaba, the capital city. This is where the children who are about to be adopting are living.
Another link that interests me is that for AHOPE for Children. This is a home for children who are afflicted with HIV/AIDS. It seems to be an amazing organization. It is possible to sponsor children at the AHOPE and even to adopt them. This site would be worth a look... and a prayer for these kids.
Hope you enjoy these links.


Julie said...

there is a crib

in your house

holy cow

that is so exciting!!!!!!

I am praying these weeks pass quickly and slowly and in God's timing all at the same time!

Larissa Smith said...

YAY!!!!! It's going to be so strange and wonderful when you guys suddenly have a child in your home. Isn't it so fun to put together the room for that sweet baby?

Mitzi said...

WOW! It is definitely getting closer. How cool to see a picture of a crib in your house. I continue to pray for you as you continue in this journey.

Dallas said...

How fun! I loved putting Nora's room together. She has a black crib too. I hope you shoot up the list very soon!

Anonymous said...

Brooke, How exciting! I found your blog on Tesney's. I'm so excited about staying in touch with you this way. How exciting that really soon you are going to have a baby to love and take care of, that is so neat! Isn't putting the room together so much fun? well i am not a blogger with blogspot but i do have a blog it's
Sounds like you guys are doing wonderful!
Amy "Martin" Conner

Rusty and Laura said...

Wow -- I'm sure seeing the crib is making it feel more and more like a reality. How exciting... And scary... And wonderful... I look forward to seeing a picture of a baby in that crib very soon!

Tesney said...

That's crazy...a crib...auggghhh! It makes everything so real! Now I'm even more excited about Baby Ray.

Jay Rosh said...

What a perfectly assembled crib. Your husband must be REALLY talented!

jatrick posh said...

you're pretty sneaky, josh. the other comment about brooke's husband being a "handsome devil" was also nicely done.

congratulations, rays. we're praying for you and the little one on the way.