Monday, January 29, 2007

Florida Highlights

The view from the "lanai" (apparently that means porch) at the condo.

Offshore fishing! This is a Spanish Mackerel.

Nice sunset, huh? At the pier at Naples

Josh doing his favorite leisurely activity... reading

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Babies, babies, and babies

Many of you know and love Jean and I know you are anxious to see a pic of the new little Lauren Elizabeth! Jean does not have her own blog however, so I think she will be ok with my posting a pic of her! Lauren is absolutely beautiful. And mom and baby seem to be doing just great! As well as Josh and Will.

As I reflected on this newest baby in my life, I began to look at all the pictures of me and Josh at the hospital holding someone else's newborn. There are literally over 20 of those on my computer! We have had the pleasure of watching so many of you as you've had your children and begin to learn what this parenting thing is all about. Thanks for being our friends and for letting us love your kiddos. You're about to have your chance to love mine! Crazy huh!

Many of you have asked us if there is anything new about our baby in Ethiopia. Unfortunately there is not. We are on the list, just waiting for a phone call. Could be in the next two months or so. But timelines are always flexible in adoption. :)

Please continue to keep us in your prayers. Especially right now we are reading books and talking with other parents to help educate ourselves about a few things:
  • bonding with an adopted child
  • helping our child form a healthy racial identity, and
  • being a parent in general!!!

Josh and I are in Florida right now, and loving the relaxation for a few days.

Friday, January 05, 2007

2007 has arrived

The last two weeks have gone like this. December 24-26 - Christmas with both of our families. December 27-30 - Youth In Action, a youth rally in Birmingham, Alabama. December 31 - Church. January 1 - home. January 2-6 - NCYM, a conference for youth ministers, this year held in beautiful Colorado Springs.

I'll be using this blog to debrief... next week. Until then, just two things to tell.

First, last night Buster Clemens was awarded the "Lighthouse Award" from the NCYM board. This is given to someone who has made a great contribution to the world of youth ministry and who is still continuing to work in the field. They particularly pointed out that Buster's leadership of Memphis Workcamp and more importantly, how he is seeking to be a great husband and dad. It was so amazing! We were all so proud of him. The sad part was that Kim (his wife) was not able to be there at NCYM this year. (We missed you Kim! Luckily I got it on video.:) Here's a pic of some of us who were here.

Second, here's the view out of my hotel window here in Colorado. What's that on the right, you ask? Oh, just Pike's Peak. Last night is tonight, then I fly home tomorrow. We have had a wonderful time! I do miss Joshie, however! More on NCYM after I've had time to breathe.