Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Latest with the Rays

1) Josh started graduate school! He is taking two classes at Harding Graduate School of Religion, working toward a Masters of Divinity. He has not officially finished at UofM yet. He has a senior project that has to be turned in this fall; then he'll be completely done! Since I met Josh we have been working toward his desire to be educated and trained for ministry. Now, after 5+ years of working full time and going to school full time, he is finally where he wants to be. He has been an amazing example to me of setting goals and working very, very hard to reach them. It has not been a totally smooth, easy time but I think both of us have grown through these years of his undergrad work. I am so proud of him!

2) Now about adoption. Thanks to many of you who have asked me about this since my last couple of posts. There is much to say about this. Many of our close friends have known for some time about our desire to adopt. As we discussed our desire for a family, we realized through a series of events that we both had an interest in adoption. Since then, we have been through months of praying, researching, talking to others, and becoming knowledgeable about our options. So far we have discerned that for us, the best route is to adopt internationally from Ethiopia. As you probably guessed if you watched the video from my last post, my heart has been touched forever by learning about the state of the people in Ethiopia. There are so many children out in the world and in our own city who need homes and families. We are not doing this to be heroes by any means. We want to have a family. We want to be parents. By adopting a child we can accomplish this while also giving a child a chance at a life with a family. As I read in a book recently, God has blessed each of us in order that we may bless others. I feel so blessed by the life I was given. I now hope we are going to able to bless the life of a child. I plan to post a more detailed synopsis of how we came to this decision when we are further along.

For now, I hope you will pray for us as we begin the home study process. We meet with our social worker this Friday. Also, please feel free to look at the website for the agency we are using. There are many photos posted there of the beautiful children from Ethiopia.
As for timeline? We will know more after our meeting Friday about the timeline of our homestudy. We think the entire process will take 6-12 months... so as I said there is much time to tell about the "rest" of the story. So I will give more details as we go along.

3) School is now on a roll for the teens in HYG. They are already facing so many challenges and temptations again that they were able to break from during the summer. Please join me as we pray for them to be strong in their convictions to live up to God's standards and for them to want to do right because they are motivated by God's love for them.


Summer said...

I will really be praying for the both of you through the adoption process. What a blessing that some sweet child right now is being prayed for by so many and that God will place in your home! Thank you for updating us.

Tesney said...

It was soooo good to see you and Josh last Thursday. I just wish we could do it more often! I love you guys and I can't wait to meet that precious little one that God is preparing to add to your family!

Anonymous said...

brooke - i enjoyed our quick "catch up" at starbucks wednesday night. maybe i'm going to have to break down and start a blog. i don't know what i would tell people about me, but i've learned a lot about my friends tonight! (can't sleep). i'm definitely praying about you and josh and your baby to be. i started a "prayer index card" tonight and you were just added to it. i love you! - ashley

Heather said...

It sounds like busy times are ahead for the Rays, but also very exciting times! I'll keep you guys in my prayers through the adoption process. That truly is a wonderful thing to do. Some precious child is going to be so lucky to have such great parents!

Sarah P Sanders said...

I wanted you to know that Bryan and I will be praying for you as you go through this journey. I know that the Lord will bless your lives in ways that you could not ever expect.

In Him,
Bryan and Sarah

RPorche said...

Brooke--thanks for the update on your adoption journey. I am praying about it.

Kristen said...

What a lucky child already -- to have two Christian parents who are preparing and praying for his/her arrival before you even know who they are!