Friday, March 24, 2006

Tesney's visit

Tesney's visit was, of course, very fun. We had a great time shopping at "The Big One" and various other TJMaxx's and such throughout the weekend. We also ate at Davis Kidd Cafe - excuse me, "Bronte" - twice in three days. It really is one of the yummiest places in East Memphis, and the atmosphere is great too. Mommies love it because the kids section has these trains to play with. Will Bostic (Jean's) is especially fond of them. This picture is taken inside.

Tesney recently started blogging about her up and coming baby who will be named Clayton. You might want to check it out if you know her.

Lots to do today because I am going to be out of town all next week... Josh and I are going to Chicago. We are staying in the Omni (Oprah's choice hotel:)) and doing all the traditional touristy stuff. Except seeing a Cubs game - their home opener is the NEXT weekend! This is a huge deal for Josh and I'm kinda sad too, honestly! I got to go to Wrigley Field last year and it was amazing. Anyway, I can't wait but I have lots to do in between now and then, so I better get to it.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Wedding completed!

There is an interesting feeling that comes with being in someone's wedding. I've been in a few. It is, of course, an honor to be asked, and to be a part of her special day. But especially the feeling during the ceremony is hard to describe. Maybe its just me, but the words that are spoken always take you back to your own love. You hear the minister say those encouragements about loving each other as Christ loves the church and submitting to one another. You hear two people profess their love and commitment to one another. And you just think of how it was when the names mentioned were yours and you were the one saying the vows. I know for me, tonight, watching my friends Nick and Jesse wed, I was glad to hear their words and (silently) say them to myself and renew my own commitments to Josh. It is so endearing to watch two people with such a fresh love. And it is wonderful to watch people get married who are so obviously the right "one" for each other. They were so happy to be beginning their new journey together. I am so excited for them both.

A couple of pics from the wedding tonight... (I'm in all of these, don't know if its a faux pas to put lots of pictures of yourself on your blog. But I don't have a child or a pet to display, so there.)

Also pictured are good friends Leslie, Martha, and Kelly as well as Jesse, the bride. Oh, and my cute husband.:)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Home again

So, I've kinda neglected to tell everyone that Josh is home! It was a surprise to me, too when it happened. He was scheduled to be in Meridian, Mississippi, until April 1st at least. However, his training was self-paced and he finished really early... Apparently the pace was set for someone a little younger and/or less bright. :) So they let him come home. We have had a few days to spend together which have been great. He is having to go to the Navy base and work some though, until his paperwork is cleared. Until then, he is still considered active duty so they need him to come in. It stinks because its basically busy work. Anyway, the week he had off we were able to go to Heber Springs for a couple of days. The Edwards, family friends from church, let us use their lake condo. It is so nice and welcoming... you just start to relax immediately when you walk in. It was wonderful!

Real life sets back in this week... I am in Jesse Maddox's wedding this weekend (co-matron of honor, no less) so I plan to help with that when I'm not at the office.

Josh is now available on his email if you want to send him a welcome home email! Thanks for reading this while he's been gone!