Wednesday, November 30, 2005

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Starting Fresh

Hello, friends and family. I am beginning my blog today completely new. I tried to keep a blog updated for awhile last year, but it was a failed effort. Now, I am hoping with a little more time on my hands (I'll explain that in a minute) I will be more intentional about regularly posting.

So here's what's going on in our lives right now. I work at Highland Street Church of Christ full time with the youth. My title is actually Youth Office Administrator/Parttime Youth Minister, because a few years ago, they began paying me for 10 hours of ministry and 30 hours of administration. The job sort of blurs together though. I go on almost all the trips and handle the organization (money) of the activities. The money part of my job is my least favorite thing I do. However, I love spending time with teenage girls and watching them become who God has called them to be. I work with some great friends: Buster, the youth ministry coordinator; Donnie, youth minister; and Jesse, ministry assistant to the preacher, who also happens to share an office with me. Its a great place to work.

Josh works full time as a property manager here and is also in the last few hours (single digits!) of his degree at University of Memphis. He is getting a History degree, but plans to go directly to work on his Masters of Divinity after graduating. Before that, however, (THIS IS NEW, for those of you who I haven't talked to in a while) he has decided to join the Navy Reserve. His service will be one weekend a month and two weeks a year for six years. But first he has basic and job training. He leaves December 12 for basic training (9 weeks) and then goes immediately to his job training (6 weeks). He will be back at the end of March.
So, I am preparing for a life by myself for a little while. If you are asking why, I can give you a few of the reasons: 1) He feels a desire to do it, 2) He will have the opportunity for educational benefits such as the GI bill and tuition assistance which will help with getting his masters, and 3) He will get a little money every month too. For those of you who are feeling bad for me, know that we made this decision together and I totally support it. I am excited for him to have this experience, and see how it will further develop him as a person.

As for me, I have lots of plans while he is gone. Besides my job and all the trips that go along with it, I also plan to do some things I never seem to get to. First on my agenda is to learn how to sew. I just got a new sewing machine and my mom is going to help me learn how to use it. I can't wait! Also I hope to get more in shape while Josh is gone, especially because he'll come back all buff and thin! There are also some places around my house that I need to clean out (attic/closets/cabinets/etc) so I'll be attacking those.

All in all, I am optimistic about this time apart. We currently have 12 days left till he departs. In between now and then, we will celebrate our 5th anniversary. Can't believe we made it!

As for this blog, you can check this and I promise to put the most updated news from Josh when/if(!) I hear from him, which will not be very often they tell me. I also promise to write about alot of things that interest me and may or may not interest you in the least. I am excited about starting fresh. There's just something about a blank slate.